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Introduction+ - SkullF$%ker - 28-02-2018 06:50 PM


My name is Nicholas. I have created this account on your forum to inquire about my recent ban on your DoD:s S Server. I was banned on the 26th of February & was trying to find your "Rules" Thread to see which rule I broke [Possibly might have been my steam name. And I am willing to admit, that I didn't read the rules screen when you join due to my casual joining of the server now and then], as Well as a "bans" Thread to see what my bans states are and found them to be nowhere.

I Simply wish, to see What my ban is because of, How long it will persist & If i can get it removed if possible.

I say this due to a post by "themole" which states:
"As you know we dont have a un ban section within Anzacgamers,
so lm doing a clean up all un ban requests will be deleted if you dont want to be ban follow the rules.

Posting unban: if your posting a request to be un banned you will get your post deleted and you will be ban from writing on forums so if your got a week off u will have a week off posting, too easy if its a perm ban well cya later lm over posting and locking post so read this before you post
Thank You

I would like to ask that you create a simple "Rules" & "Bans" thread if possible, to improve the function of this forum and help this growing community.

Thank You for your time.

RE: Introduction+ - themole - 01-03-2018 12:16 AM

Good Morning Skull,

we dont have a unban within Anzac you are correct, as we are a growing community people who logs into our server would of see MOTD stands for "message of today" that states the rules of our server but by the looks of why u got a ban was becos of your name and more then likely u was ask to change what u did follow the req of a admin their was a 1 day ban in place what l see you are now unban so if you can change your name to something respectable and next time u log into the server plz read the rules of the server so this dosent happen again Smile

AnzacGames has been around for over 7 years this rule about "No Unban" has been from day dot.

Quote:Player SkullFucker
Steam ID STEAM_0:1:53054920
Steam3 ID [U:1:106109841]
Steam Community 76561198066375569
IP address AU
Invoked on 02-27-18 18:47
Banlength 1 d (Expired)

RE: Introduction+ - MOTL3Y - 01-03-2018 05:20 AM

I banned you, if you come back into the server with that name again you wont be back..

Cheers Motz

RE: Introduction+ - LOLITA - 01-03-2018 10:19 AM

"I would like to ask that you create a simple "Rules" & "Bans" thread if possible, to improve the function of this forum and help this growing community".

When you come to play on someone else's server, it's a good idea to read through 'our rules' so you know what we put up with and what we don't. All servers are different.

If you don't read the MOTD as you enter the server - that's on you - it's all explained in there.

The 'function of this forum' isn't to hand hold everyone that gets kicked because they simply haven't read our rules.

RE: Introduction+ - Crabs|ANZAC - 06-03-2018 07:32 PM

SkullF***** is not a appropriate name to use especially if Lolita is playing its a bit offensive
So do us a favour and change it