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game tonight - Sheriff - 06-01-2019 08:41 PM

In my view the game went very well scoring seem good I even notice the our scoring went from 30 up to 91 when we did a big come-on ,which I haven't seen for a while. hard for me to say about pings as I was close to the server but seemed to me everybody didn't have any lagging issues.
Didn't notice any players jumping or skipping though game either.
What did you think about friendly fire made it more realistic and with a shorter respawn time .
The only negative was harry having issues his pings on average were about 55-60. lollie came in about 65-75 which is not bad from NZ.
We only had 13 players max so hard for me to say if server had enough load on it for a good test.

RE: game tonight - LOLITA - 07-01-2019 08:58 AM

Thought it was good Fluff.
Didn't have any issues at all.