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tips on ffow
07-01-2019, 09:22 PM (This post was last modified: 07-01-2019 09:24 PM by Sheriff.)
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tips on ffow
- Always stick together in a squad to maximize your offensive potential. When
doing so try to bring different load-outs with you. For example have a heavy
assault, a light assault, an anti-vehicle and a close combat or special ops. By
rounding yourselves out you will be able to take out most enemies with ease.

- When on the defense try to set up choke points. Having two people watch a
walkway with one as a close combat Drone Tech and a second with EMP tech can
be quite effective. Let the drone surprise any enemies who come after you that
way and if they try bringing in any drones of their own use your EMP to disable
that and enemy vehicles. It's amazing what a few EMPs can do to protect an
otherwise wide open objective.

- Ground Support excels at taking enemy bases thanks to using the vehicles but
the Air Support is shockingly useless. Unless the enemies are moving in a tight
formation of vehicles you are better of using an Anti-Vehicle troop to take
them out using the rocket launcher.

Class Tips
- When using an Anti-Vehicle character make sure to set those mines wherever
the enemy isn't at the moment but where they will go. Mine a path that leads
straight into your base with a mine or two and most enemies will get blown up
before they get too close. Don't reveal yourself to them until you see if they
survived or not. If they survive blast them to pieces. Should they not survive
then you don't need to reveal yourself and let enemies know where you are.

- The Assault class is more or less your general soldier. They don't have the
best gun but they do have a pretty useful grenade launcher. Grenades make for
good anti-troop attacks as well as lightly armored turrets. Try to stick with a
a group of other soldiers even if not in a squad or you might find yourself
dying a whole lot.

- Heavy Assault is definitely your work horse. A few should be attacking and
defending at all time. Since the battles focus around certain points keep a
Heavy Assault at each objective to maximize your protection. They aren't too
fast though so when using one you should always try to be a passenger in a
vehicle. This will let you hop out at any time and try to take the objective...
or just start blowing up opponents.

- Snipers should do their best to not be near anyone else and always stay on
the move. Find a nice sniping spot that overlooks one of three areas: one of
your objectives, an enemy objective or a path that the enemies will travel. Now
you will want to fire off a shot, get up and crouch run to another location so
that you can keep watching the location. If you are caught laying down you are
pretty much dead so be on the move. Camping is generally a bad idea.

- When using a Special Ops you really want to move with a squad. Try to stay
in cover at all times and use your scoped SMG to take out enemies from a range.
Your ideal combat distance is close range but you can do okay in medium and
even alright in long range. C4 is your major selling point since it can take
out any vehicles you can get close to real fast. Since most players don't have
the patience to wait for a gunner a tank will be mostly defenseless if you get
in close, plant the C4 and blow it.

- Close Combat is designed to work in close quarters, as the name says. These
guys work best when assaulting, or defending, some sort of indoor area. This is
where they can make the most of their weapon. The shotgun does have some quite
surprisingly deadly range on it but you don't want to test that. Stay indoors
and set up choke points with two Close Combat soldiers and you will kill almost
anything that passes through immediately.

Role Tips
- Ground Support is vehicle use so don't pick a Heavy Assault and then hop in
a tank. Pick a combination along the liens of a Close Combat Ground Support so
that you can use a vehicle to blow up enemies from a range, get out and go into
an enemy base and use your shotgun to blow them up.

- EMP Tech is both offensive and defensive. If you can hide it outside of any
immediate sight then you will be able to place it near an enemy objective and
disable their vehicles. If you aren't expecting to be using vehicles too much
then you can set them up near you objectives and stop any drones or vehicles.
If you are indoors you will likely not be using too many drones for protection
but an enemy might use one to try and attack you. Set up an EMP to stop them.

- Drone Tech is incredibly useful but it isn't really the sort of role that
you can focus on, like Ground Support. I'd suggest using a Special Ops / Drone
Tech or a Sniper / Drone Tech. The Special Ops should be offensive, getting in
an enemy base and sending out his drones while his squad watches his back. A
Sniper should be defensive, hanging back and using drones to not give away his
hidden position. Do remember that since your drone can't go too far an enemy
will realize you must be somewhere nearby so keep mobile. It can be useful to
scout an area for enemies and then start sniping any campers.

- Air Support is a fairly marginalized role. It is a great role for Heavy
Supports to take since vehicles are their greatest weakness and you can call
down an air strike on them with this combo. Just be mindful of your lack of
speed and don't get gunned down.
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RE: tips on ffow
so how come you dont follow these rules hahahaha

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