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[Feature] RTV on the server
11-02-2014, 06:33 PM
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RTV on the server
Ok RTV should be working.
It has the following settings:
  • When RTV is successful. The map will change 3 seconds after the vote is finished.
  • First RTV cannot be held until 5 minutes into the map. This should give players time to get used to the map first and not just RTV the map because they don't like it.
  • If the RTV fails, players must wait 3 minutes before they can RTV again.
  • No minimum player count to change the map. This will allow players to change the map when the server is empty.
  • 60% of players will need to type RTV before it will initiate.

Nominate has also been enable to allow users to select a map they would like either within RTV or at the end-of-map vote.
It has the following settings:
  • Users can choose to extend the map by 15 minutes ONCE per map.
  • The last 5 maps played will not show up for vote.
  • 6 maps can be voted for each time the vote comes up.
  • If no votes are received (highly unlikely), the mapchooser will choose one at random.
  • If, out of the 6 maps, a map doesn't win by more than 50%, a runnof vote between the 2 highest scoring options will be carried out.
  • If no RTV is called during the map and their is 3 minutes remaining on the map. A mapvote will show up for the next map and will change when the map is over.
  • The mapvote will be available for 30 seconds from the start of the vote.

RTV and the end of map MapChooser will use the default mapcycle.txt rotation. More common maps known to the general public.
The Nominations plugin will use the whole map directory. This means that if someone wants to nominate in a map they know into either RTV or the end of round vote, they can.

To nominate a map, type one of the following into chat: !nominate nominate /nominate
To RockTheVote (RTV) to another map, type one of the following into chat: !rtv rtv rockthevote /rtv
If MapChooser or RTV is currently running and you change your mind about a map, you can revote by typing one of the following into chat: revote !revote

These commands can be used in the console if you want to bind a map nomination or you just prefer to use console:
sm_nominate - If you would like to bring up the menu.
sm_nominate <map_name> - If you would like to nominate a specific map.
sm_rtv - To rock the vote.
sm_revote - To revote for a map if you pick the wrong one from RTV or MapChooser menu.

Let me know if you would like any settings changed. Smile
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