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PUG Information!!
29-04-2014, 09:09 PM (This post was last modified: 30-06-2014 11:42 PM by Johnny.)
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PUG Information!!
What: A Pick-Up Game (or PuG) is when regular players of the public all get together and play a highly team oriented planned match, We pick two captains, who then pick teams out of the 12 players and play a match consisting of two 20 minute rounds.

Why: Matches like these not only help people improve their match playing abilities, communication skills, and help them become an all around team player. They also help build a strong community, and help show people what ANZAC and team play is all about.

When: Matches will mostly take place on Sunday nights, starting around 8pm AEST or 10pm NZST

ANZAC Scrim server: (
ANZAC Public Teamspeak: (ts3server://ts36.gameservers.com?port=9385)

#All players wishing to PUG MUST have Teamspeak installed.
#Play competitivly
#No Abusive comments in any way or trolling
#Players leaving the PUG early will be temp banned unless they find a player to replace them or have a good reason.
#No Hacking!
# Have Fun!!

Please Join Our Steam Group:
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