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Defiance 2.1 – Alter Ego
10-07-2014, 01:20 PM
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Defiance 2.1 – Alter Ego
Release Date:
NA: 7/10/14 @ 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7)
EU: 7/10/14 @ 5:00 PM GMT


Season 2: Episode 4: Alter EGO
Karl Von Bach is alive! The prodigal CEO returns and is gathering followers to join him in Silicon Valley. Not only is he back from the dead, but he’s giving out free EGO implants to anyone who wants them. Azumi Yoshida and the Von Bach Industries board is looking for keen ark hunters to investigate this miraculous resurrection...

This mission goes live on Monday, July 14th at 12PM PDT!

New Factions: The Tarr Family and the Defiant Few!
New factions appear San Francisco! Time to form a rocky alliance with the Tarr Family, and word has it that Camden Pace has started recruiting for "The Defiant Few." She's offering rewards of powerful new technologies for anyone that will help her cause...

New contracts, vendors, and vehicles will be available to play, earn, or buy!

This content goes live on Monday, July 14th at 12PM PDT!


* Updated the Warmaster Arkbreak:
- The "Open Vents" objective now has a 30-second timer. The event progresses once this timer expires.
- The "Break Locks" objective now has a 3-minute timer and auto-advances after that time. The locks are still vulnerable during this time.
- Further details may be found in a thread from Scapes and Trick, here: http://forums.defiance.com/showthrea...n-Defiance-2.1
* Pursuits: The Snake's Bite I & II: The objectives now advance if any "Formidable" Hulker is killed, instead of only "Formidable" Infected Hulkers.
* Emergencies will no longer ambush players at The Fork.
* Fixed a bug causing clan boosts for salvage and score to terminate early, most noticeably when the servers restarted.
* Mission replay is now available per mission line, rather than for all story missions at once!
* Prevented certain lock-on projectiles from striking their target through walls.

* Chimera Vendor: When purchasing Arkforge, you now get five times the Arkforge payout for the same low price!
* Tier 2 and Tier 3 lock boxes have had their Arkforge drop rates adjusted. The Keycode price to Arkforge payout ratio is now best when opening Tier 4 lock boxes.
* Shrill screeching effect now properly plays from shrill grenades.

* Did general polish on a number of Castithan female outfits.
* Fixed a seam on the Grim Nomad outfit.
* Cleaned up some detailing on one of the Biohazard outfits.
* Fixed a bug that caused a white polygon to appear while wearing some Biohazard battler armors.
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10-07-2014, 01:35 PM
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RE: Defiance 2.1 – Alter Ego
some good stuff finally.
Shrill grenades actually shrill.

Do we as "old Skool" get advantages

LtCol Smelly Adelie Retired
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11-07-2014, 12:12 PM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2014 12:19 PM by Trenton4k.)
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RE: Defiance 2.1 – Alter Ego
Warmaster Event Changes in Defiance 2.1

Ark hunters,

We’re releasing an update to the Warmaster instance to address social dynamics inside the event. Feedback from players fell into two broad categories: those that break locks and those that do not.

Lock breakers break the Warmaster locks at the first opportunity, valuing their play time, entertainment, and the moment-to-moment rewards that come from constant action. They are playing Defiance for a limited time each day and they are guided by which events are active in the game. Every part of the user interface supports this play method. Indicators and EGO instructions push these players forward, and they reap great rewards during their time. Lock breakers constitute a vast majority of players.

Lock keepers seek to prolong the lock-breaking step until the number of players inside the Warmaster event meets or exceeds 24 players, often using chat and weapon intimidation to dissuade others in the instance. These players value resources over time and aim to earn the legendary weapon drops from the Warmaster at all costs. Additionally, these players tend to have an extremely limited scope for value on items; anything that is not part of a predetermined list is deemed entirely worthless. These players are extremely active on the forums and in-game, but still constitute a small minority of players.

Here is how we are updating the event: When the last Volge in the upper level of the arkbreak is killed, the objective to open the vents appears. That objective now has a 30-second countdown. At that point, the vents will open themselves and the cage will appear in the room below. When the cage spawns, it begins a 3-minute countdown. During this countdown, the locks may be destroyed as normal. However, when the countdown completes, the locks shatter and the Warmaster is released. To be clear, from the moment the last Volge is killed in the lobby, there is a maximum of 3.5 minutes before the Warmaster fight starts.

This puts the game’s mechanics in line with the interface indicators in the game and the instructions from EGO. Once inside the Warmaster event, players will proceed to its end in 10 to 15 minutes, thus freeing them to pursue their next adventure in a timely manner. Players aiming to maximize their chances to earn legendary gear or Warmaster kills now have the onus put on them to organize their teams before entering the event. They need to prepare their plans, leader designations, and group/friend invites such that they can execute them quickly. We are not, at this time, removing the exploit that allows players to exceed the event’s 24-player maximum, but we are requiring teams that wish to do so to achieve this in a timely fashion.

While lock keepers are not necessarily playing the Warmaster instance incorrectly, this is not how the event was designed to be played. This change prevents them from holding an in-progress event hostage and allows the instance to progress as designed. Players who progress the Warmaster fight are not and have not been “griefers” as they are doing what the game has literally told them to do. We’ll continue to monitor feedback about the Warmaster event and this latest change, so please share your constructive experience-based insights with us on the forums.

Good hunting,

Creative Lead Trick Dempsey

update it out
The size of download is 510mb
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11-07-2014, 12:15 PM
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RE: Defiance 2.1 – Alter Ego
will DL when I get home

LtCol Smelly Adelie Retired
:angel:Thorn in the side of mostAngel
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