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Defiance's Update
02-08-2014, 06:43 PM (This post was last modified: 02-08-2014 07:10 PM by Trenton4k.)
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Defiance's Update
Defiance's Updated Dynamic Event Scheduler

Hey all, I'm an engineer on Defiance, and have been re-working the Dynamic Event scheduler for the Silicon Valley expansion. We have made some significant changes to how events are picked and placed, and wanted to give you some details about how it works under the hood. These new changes should give us better control over how events are scheduled, and allow some rarely seen events to happen more often.

First, some of the cons of the old event manager that we wanted to address:

Weighted randomization of events in a particular area:
With no memory of previous events, we have no way of guaranteeing that all available events will get a chance to run.
This is unfortunate if you have a contract for a particular event that never seems to spawn.
No prioritization of large events over smaller ones:
Before an event can start, it has to make sure that its entire footprint is clear of other running events(see previous issues with arkfalls/incursions colliding and freezing).
This means that minor arkfalls that are sprinkled around an area can prevent big events from starting if their footprints collide.
Did you know that there is an incursion event in Mt. Tam?
No queuing:
If an event wants to run, but is blocked by a currently running event, we roll the dice again and try to pick another event that fits.
No concept of min/max event counts across the game world:
When we spawn an incursion, we would like to spawn a second incursion to help spread out the population.

With the new Dynamic Event Scheduler, we are addressing these problems by:

Event types are grouped into tiers based on their priority:
Major arkfalls and incursions are top tier, then sieges/major summons, then minor arkfalls/minor summons, and finally emergencies on the lowest tier.
Each tier has a desired min/max value for how many events they will run concurrently.
Each event type also has a desired min/max value for how many events of that type can run concurrently.
Events of a lower tier will be blocked from queuing if there is a higher tier event that is queued or running with an overlapping footprint.
Events of a higher tier will attempt to end lower tier events that are idle so that they can run next.
Random ordering inside event types, with better chances of rare events actually happening:
When the scheduler starts up, it randomizes the ordering for events of a particular type.
Events are picked from the front of the list and we attempt to queue them up to run next.
If we cannot queue an event, we leave it where it is in the list and try the next one.
If an event gets queued, it is pushed to the end of the list so that all of the other events get a chance to run before it is queued again.
Events are placed into queues in their tier when they want to run next.
As soon as its footprint is clear, the event in the front of the queue will be started.
If the event is blocked by an idle event from a lower tier, it will attempt to end the lower tier event so that it can start.
Events will not be queued if an event queued in a higher tier blocks their footprint.

Some differences you may notice:

Arkfalls may spawn one after another, or multiples at a time before going into a cooldown to allow incursions to take over for a bit.
Sieges may spawn more often, and with less predictable timing.
Also, there is an incursion event in Mt Tam!

From [url=forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?169666-Defiance-s-Updated-Dynamic-Event-Scheduler&p=1576449#post1576449]Website[/url]

In-game privacy ends August 5th

Go to clan member is being introduced with the upcoming patch, and from the looks of it, there's no way to turn it off or block people from doing it, other than possibly queuing for something. That means that come August 5, we'll essentially lose control over who can TP to us unless you're not in a clan. For people in big clans that means potentially hundreds or even thousands of players who now get the ability to TP to you no matter what you're doing, be it trying to do a solo arena, trying to get mission done without it being TL10, or just trying out new guns and mechanics without someone jumping in and killing all your target dummies.

A weapon or shield will also become encrypted when its rarity is increased in the Salvage Matrix. When a piece of equipment’s rarity is upgraded in the Salvage Matrix, its rarity is increased by one tier (as players have already experienced in the current version of the game). The equipment also gains the encrypted modifier on its details window. Additionally, while an encrypted item’s EGO rating can still be increased, its rarity tier cannot be increased any further.
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05-08-2014, 12:22 PM
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RE: Defiance's Update
can not wait to see the new island today if they it has come out today
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05-08-2014, 01:46 PM
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RE: Defiance's Update
that's if you can get to it.

LtCol Smelly Adelie Retired
:angel:Thorn in the side of mostAngel
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10-09-2014, 11:23 AM
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RE: Defiance's Update
- 12/9/2014 – 15/9/2014 – 100% Experience Bonus Weekend
* All boosts begin at midnight and end at Noon Pacific on the appropriate days!
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10-09-2014, 12:20 PM (This post was last modified: 10-09-2014 12:20 PM by Smelly Adelie.)
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RE: Defiance's Update
best we get our socks arranged and lunches packed

mind you it isn't worth it for us.
XP means shit to anyone maxed out

LtCol Smelly Adelie Retired
:angel:Thorn in the side of mostAngel
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10-09-2014, 02:05 PM
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RE: Defiance's Update
it good 4 low lvl player
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Smelly Adelie (10-09-2014)
26-09-2014, 09:04 PM (This post was last modified: 26-09-2014 09:05 PM by Trenton4k.)
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RE: Defiance's Update
come out soon
Hot on the heels of a bombastic season finale, the ark hunters of the Bay Area are about to be faced with seven new missions spanning all over Silicon Valley and Paradise. The Pilgrims of the Guiding Light reveal their final move, and the world is put in jeopardy once again. The assassin, Nujekpe, closes in on his prey, Eren Niden, and the criminal Melak Vor reveals a new plan to launch a war between what remains of the Earth Republic and Votanis Collective.

With this healthy serving of new mission content comes a slew of new pursuits, contracts, and events. The whole of Silicon Valley is under siege from Grid, Pilgrims, and Hellbugs; only the ark hunters can put a stop to these nefarious invasions. New enemies also pour into the bay with the Grid brining out their largest unit yet: The Inquisitor. These three-meter-tall monstrosities act as mobile artillery platforms. Deep within the three new story mission maps, the ark hunters will also face down Votanis Assassins and even face off with a new kind of Pilgrim zealot.

Seven new missions
Four new enemies
New Pursuits
New contracts

As part of our continuing improvements to quality of life, we’re also adding a mission replay for our season 2 missions and matchmaking options for the season 2 mission maps. Additionally, we’ve refined the difficulty settings for co-op maps so that high rating characters will be brought in line with the power curve of low difficulty maps. This way experienced players may join their friends in standard and expert instances without negating the challenge and fun of those maps.

Do you have what it takes to face the perils of The Aftermath?

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09-10-2014, 11:22 AM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2014 11:22 AM by Trenton4k.)
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RE: Defiance's Update
Game Mechanics Update: Reloading and Perks

Ark hunters,

With our Aftermath update, we will be making modifications to the behaviors of some beloved-yet-broken features surrounding reloading weapons. Reloading contributes significantly to the rhythm of a gunfight and contributes the rest and fermatas that keep things interesting. However, there have been some long-standing inconsistencies in how reload works, and we’re going to even those out.

In Defiance, there has always been a functional minimum reload time. This one-second reload acts as an unbreakable barrier, like the speed of light, preventing players from getting lightning fast reloads. “But wait!”, you say, “what about the zero-reload Zagger!” And you would be right to ask! There’s a long-standing bug that allowed guns to be reloaded instantly if you modded it to be exactly a 0 second reload time. Anything else would properly respect the 1 second minimum reload time, though the UI could incorrectly display less than 1 second. This led to extremely overpowered weapons that others could never compete with. With the Aftermath update, we’re fixing both of those issues:

Weapons that had exactly 0 reload time will properly respect the 1 second minimum reload time like everything else.
The UI will also respect the minimum reload time and you will no longer see fictional improvements to reload when you’ve reached the lower bound of reload times.

This means that the beloved Zagger is going to be updated. With the reload limit visible and strictly enforced, it’s clear that the Zagger no longer benefits from its uncommon or legendary rolls. As such, we’ve altered those bonuses to turn the Zagger into a weapon that captures it original flavor and keeps it as a best-in-category sawed-off shotgun. The uncommon reload bonus have been transformed into a flat damage bonus, and the legendary bonus has been updated into an additional two slugs in the clip. This means that all legendary Zaggers may fire two shots before requiring their one-second reload. The legendary Zagger continues to be the best weapon of its kind.
[Image: zagger1.jpg]

Additionally, we’ve been really bothered by how single-slug-reload weapons responded to reload increases. Or how they displayed reload time in general. Or how clip size improvements made them worse. (Extended magazines took longer to reload and therefore meant they could trigger reload bonuses less often.) We’ve updated our system for single-shot reload weapons so that they display their total reload time rather than the reload time for individual shells. Any time you see reload displayed on a weapon, that will describe the full time it takes to reload that weapon and extended magazines no longer affect that reload time.

This means that some individual shot reload weapons would result in ark hunters visually loading those weapons comically fast. Like extra silly fast. For any time that an ark hunter would be loading a shot into a gun faster than one shot per second, we now have them load multiple shot in a single action. This is AWESOME and has the added benefit of preventing your die-hard ark hunter from looking like a lunatic on fast-forward.

These updates put our reload system in line save for one big outlier: Preparedness.


Preparedness in its current form reloads a percentage of your stowed weapon every second. It maxes out at 10% per second, reloading a minimum of 1 round per second. This sounds benign, but it causes two unbalanced strategies. One is predicated on using two weapons which take a long time to unload and swapping between them rather than reloading. They take so long to empty that the stowed weapon is reloaded by the time the active weapon is dry. This removes the disadvantage of these weapons entirely as there is never a time when they are manually reloaded. A second strategy is to pair weapons with very low ammo capacity, like sawed-off shotguns or rocket launchers, and take advantage of the minimum one-shot-per-second reload of the stowed weapon. Doing this, an ark hunter may fire, swap, and repeat infinitely to keep firing with no downtime. This was never intended and bypasses a large part of the tactics in Defiance’s combat wherein downtime due to shield recharge and weapon reload play a significant part.

To address these problems while keeping Preparedness useful, we’ve changed its functionality to tie it to your equipped weapon’s reload. Preparedness now reloads a percentage of your stowed weapon’s clip each time you fully reload the weapon in your hands. This can be quite difficult to track, a problem shared by many triggered abilities, so we’ve updated the display of triggered effects so they display each time they are triggered. In the image here, our intrepid APS deliveryman has just finished reloading his Zagger, and therefore partially reloaded the weapon he has stowed.

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26-11-2014, 05:26 PM (This post was last modified: 26-11-2014 05:28 PM by Trenton4k.)
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RE: Defiance's Update
Defiance 2.4 - The Aftermath
update is 257.1 mb

out now


New Missions
7 new missions, including three instanced missions, which challenge ark hunters to overcome the villainous Melak Vor, the assassin Nujekpe, and the nefarious machinations of LOCI. Do you have what it takes to stop the Arkrise?

New Story Maps
Put a stop to Echelon's machinations in a bunker deep beneath the Presidio, face Nujekpe and his mercenaries at Eren's last stand, and delve deep into a huge arkfall buried below Silicon Valley.

Thanksgiving Event
Do you have what is takes to face the Bioman barrage of the New Frontier Harvest? Do you want a full set of the Plate Slicer Synergy? Do you like weaponized turkey?

Salvage Matrix Action - Reduce Rating
educe Rating brings the rating of an item down to match your current EGO rating.

Perk and Effect Feedback
Triggered effects now display names or effects when triggered. You may toggle this feature on the settings menu with "Show Effect Names"!

Emotes and Callouts are now available in the Quick Menu!


* Players can now upgrade the rating of a weapon or shield to within 100 of their EGO with sufficient Arkforge (or as much as possible with whatever Arkforge is available).
* Added a new boost: Arkforge! Look for upcoming events that have increased Arkforge gains!
* Patron Pass holders will gain a permanent 10% Arkforge bonus. The rounding works the same as all other bonuses (we round down if less than 1/2 a point is gained, and up if greater than 1/2 is gained).
* Reload Time for individual reload weapons (e.g. shotguns, rocket launchers) now means the total time to reload from empty to a full clip rather than how long it takes to reload each round. In addition. the time it takes to reload to full no longer increases as you add +magazine size modifications.
* Weapons that reload a full clip at once have a minimum reload time of 0.5 seconds from weapon modifications. Focus effects and perks can push it below that.
* The inventory menus now correctly display the minimum reload time even if a weapon is modified below the minimum reload time.
* Fixed the loophole that allowed certain shotguns (e.g. Zagger) to skip the reload animation and fire constantly.
- Zagger shotguns no longer have bonus rolls which have no effect due to reload updates.
* The Preparedness perk now activates only on full reload of your primary weapon. Read the perk description for details.
* Season 2 mission replay co-op maps may be found on the matchmaking screen. Good hunting!
* Players with high EGO ratings will now be scaled down when they choose to enter low-level co-op instances.
* Fixed one case of the long-standing bug that causes vehicles to spontaneously despawn. Once confirmed, look for a follow up post thanking the Community members who helped us track this down on the Public Test Servers!
* As requested by the community, extracting on death grants a short duration of invulnerability.
* Fixed an exploit that allows players to circumvent grenade cooldown.
* Fixed a score exploit in the KTAM Power event.
* As requested by the community, added a second, more rigorous confirmation to the character delete process.
* Fixed a client crash that could happen in the loadouts menu.
* Fixed a client crash that could happen in the character creation menu.
* Enabled web portal redirect for customer service ticketing.
* Guild bonuses for scrip and salvage are now applied to all Challenges.
* Map information for all missions offered from within a quick-travel hub is now available.
* Resolved an issue that was causing the game to feel unresponsive when exiting a roller.
* As requested by players, we've adjusted the default PC proxy memory to allow for more visual character variety in large events!
* Implemented various server stability improvements.
* Potential fix for the Cerberus Pursuit not unlocking. If you were affected, it should unlock on login.

* Thanks to feedback from our Public Test Server, we've moved the count text for consumables so new icons are more identifiable on the HUD.
* Players now have the ability to set a filter in the Gameplay Settings that control when weapons, mods and shields are auto-salvaged when looted.
- A second filter has also been created to control what happens to similar items when the player's inventory is full. Many players have been requesting this.
* Improved the functionality of the Expand/Collapse toggle for PC.
* You can now see Cannot Trade, Cannot Sell and Encrypted on an item without conflict. They are displayed as symbols rather than text.
* The Buy Back tab on vendors now displays the same price that the item was sold for.
* Corrected possibly uninitialized "colorblind scheme setting" resulting in black text.
* "Reset to defaults" now applies to colorblind settings.
* Resolved an issue that was preventing players from changing the "colorblind scheme" chat setting when using a controller.
* Fixed an issue with missing text on the settings page when accessed from the character selection screen.
* Resolved an issue that was causing the "rename chat tab" interface to display when it was not supposed to.
* Resolved the issue that was causing chat filter buttons to erroneously modify settings.
* Resolved an issue with corrupt settings that was causing the chat window to not appear (some players may have to cycle through them to make them reappear.
* Chat text displayed in the EGO menu will now be filtered based on the active chat tab’s settings.
* Video settings changes:
- Resolved an issue that was causing the video settings screen to display incorrect settings.
- Resolved an issue that was causing certain video settings to be secretly overwritten by presets.
* Fixed the missing button for accessing the 6th loadout slot in PvP.
* The list of nearby online clan members is sorted consistently now.
* Time trials titles are now present in the rewards screen.
* Details about store items now appear on the right for all widescreen resolutions.
* As requested by the community, "Revived by [Character Name]" will now display in your system chat when you are revived by another player. Thank them with the new emotes!
* Resolution setting changes are now respected if you apply changes to both resolution and quality.
* Fixed overlapping icons and text when batch upgrading.
* Corrected the number of chat messages received when an item is sent to claim items.

* When opening a lockbox, you now receive pop-up notifications for each item that goes into your claim items!
* By community request, added the Controlled Burst Magazine mod with The Purge synergy to the mods available in the Blackened Hellfire Supply Crate.

* Tarr Family Vendor now supplies Lock Boxes and Weapon Mod Boxes from Soleptor, Top Notch, and VBI.
* Epic tier weapons and shields on merchants are no longer auto-encrypted.
* Since they can’t be upgraded, all rarity tiers of charge blades bought on merchants are now auto-encrypted.

* Charge blades now receive the same Encryption damage bonus as other Encrypted weapons.
* Since Charge Blades can’t be upgraded, they are now encrypted by default so they receive the encryption bonus. This change is retroactive.
* Common, Uncommon, and Rare Weapon mods can now drop from enemies and event rewards.
* Increased the damage per pellet of the FRC Birdshot Pump by 25%.
* Fixed some inaccurate weapon descriptions.
* Decreased the damage penalty for syphon nano weapons from 25% to 10%.

* Grid Evangels now die much more clearly.
* Enemies that do not contribute to score (turrets, Grid Guardians) will no longer display "Armor Break +0".
* Restless Dead: Enemies in this event can now be struck and damaged by vehicles.
* Fixed an issue that was causing Purifiers to play their "walk forward" animation when they were walking backwards.

* Pacifica Temple is under attack! Can you thwart the invaders at this deadly new Conflict Site?
* Fixed an issue that was causing major events to stomp smaller events even if they were in progress.
* Updated how events are spawned to promote activity in the SF and SCV zones.
* Areas to leave the Mark of the Defiant are no longer suppressed by Arkfalls.
* Mission: Cut off the Head…: Now has proper Ammo Crates. One is near the front gate, and the other is on the roof with Santana Murphy.
* Mission: Towers Quarry: You are now less likely to end up in the wrong phase.
* Moved emergency location at 5545,9489 to 5538,9429. It is now further north up the road to a less problematic spot.
* Mission: Another Person's Treasure: Setting quest object to not move when interacting with it. Thanks to our players for the report!
* Defiant Few Weekly: A New Threat: Adding an objective to kill an Ark Level Grid Inquisitor to be in-line with the kill 3 objectives of the other Defiant Few Weeklies.
- Inquisitors will be available inside the Final Season 2 instance as well as the Control Grid & Gulanee Summon Arkfalls.
* Serenity Academy Siege: Fixed cases where threat level ratings could get reset or removed while in combat.
* Fixed boosted EGO going away briefly during the Serenity Academy siege when certain enemies were killed in certain locations.
* To cause less confusion for new players, The Season 2 mission "On Record" is now only available after completing "Into the Depths."
* Slightly increased the chance for Monolith and Progenitor Major Arkfall Events over Hellbug related events.
* Tarr Traxx crates and Defiant Few marks will no longer sometimes reappear in the same place.
* Added new pursuits for Season 2 and Conflicts, adding 90 possible EGO points total - the EGO cap is unchanged.
* Added Ammo Crates near Major Arkfall locations in Silicon Valley.
* Hotshot: Sharpshooting Savior: The civilians are now sturdier.
* Siege: Sutro Bath House: This siege can now progress past stage 9. Reduced the likelihood of enemies spawning under the ground.
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12-12-2014, 05:28 PM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2014 05:29 PM by Trenton4k.)
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RE: Defiance's Update
Ark hunters,

This year has seen more than Season 2, wearing squashes on our heads, and arming ourselves with weirdly deadly turkeys. Defiance has also gone free-to-play on PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. This brought a horde of new ark hunters to the bay area during a time of great change. There are more big changes coming to the bay, and only the most resilient ark hunters will be able to face them.

Hot on the heels of the Aftermath update and our Thanksgiving event, we’re unleashing something special for the holidays: The Volge are rallying for a Solstice Strike! They will drop out of the sky with the hope of turning our longest night into Earthkind’s last stand.

In future updates, the invasions in Silicon Valley are undergoing a major revamp with clearer objectives, special gear drops, and improved enemy behaviors. We’re also bringing improvements to the gear modding process and to many of the boosts in the game. Have you ever wanted to carry more bullets? Soon you can! (Bullets are great: they kill Volge. Did I mention that VOLGE WILL BE FALLING FROM THE SKY?)

A new year also brings new challenges. With Manhattan destroyed, the seat of power for the Earth Republic has been shattered and masses of people are now moving away from populated areas. Earth’s tenuous grasp at rebuilding civilization may finally fall apart. However, Ara Shondu and Noah Grant won’t let that happen. They’ve put up a beacon for all the displaced people of the frontier: The Rock. They’ve opened up Alcatraz Island to welcome immigrants to the bay area as ark hunters set out to clear safe spaces for Earthkind habitation.

The Alcatraz update will also debut Expeditions: progressively harder procedurally-generated instances which challenge hunters to risk their winnings to take their chances at harder and more rewarding content. Not only do these Expeditions offer a chance to earn increased arkforge and keycodes, they also offer a chance to acquire ark tech weapons and gear with new and unique properties. Though they start off weak, they can be upgraded into the most powerful weapons in the New Frontier. On top of that, ark hunters will return from Expeditions sporting new cybernetic augmentations: Cyber Rigs. By socketing versatile Augments into Cyber Rigs, you can increase your power and unlock special abilities.

That’s just the first offering 2015 has for the New Frontier. Valentine’s Day, Armistice Day, and Season 3 are all on the horizon, and each will bring new threats to – and opportunities for – all of Earthkind. Do you have what it takes to go from The Rock to the Rockies?

Good hunting,

Trick Dempsey
Creative Lead, Defiance
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