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28/10/2014 - Downtime
28-10-2014, 07:08 PM
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28/10/2014 - Downtime
As you guys may have noticed, the forums have been offline all day today while I moved the server from an old VPS configuration over to a new one.

The old VPS was severly limited with only 2GB of RAM and no swap file. For approximately the last 6 months the server has basically sat right up against that 2GB limit with no headroom.

[Image: UbxydIi.png]

This caused the occasional issue when things needed to be updated or reconfigured. Simple tasks such as logging into the Web Host Manager (backend of cPanel) would cause an Internal Server Error 500 which would require the cPanel service to be restarted and sometimes the whole VPS would need to be restarted just to get it to kick in again. These issues started getting worse and worse which ended up requiring me to auto-restart the cPanel service every night at 3am.

Well, I spoke to my provider and they assured me that if I purchased a new VPS with higher specs that I would be able to keep the IP addresses I have used for ~2 years meaning I wouldn't need to reconfigure any domains or DNS services.

Today I merged everything over to the new VPS with 3.5GB of RAM instead of 2GB, a 1gbps port speed instead of 100mbps (you probably won't notice it but I do when downloading patches), and lastly the server is also running on enterprise SSD's.

The reason for the downtime was so that everything I moved stayed the same. I didn't want to copy the database over while the forums were live and then have someone post something important before I managed to change the IP address to the new server.

As with everything, please look out for bugs and let me know.
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28-10-2014, 08:08 PM
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RE: 28/10/2014 - Downtime
great work mate well done

LtCol Smelly Adelie Retired
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