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New Application.
24-05-2015, 10:14 PM (This post was last modified: 05-04-2016 11:21 AM by themole.)
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New Application.

Members joining from other units will have a compulsory 2 week 'cool-down' period between clans when applying for ANZACs, beginning at the start of an official resignation from your last clan (usually judged by a forum post or previous clan-leaders judgement).

1. When your application has been properly filled out and posted the Recruitment Officers/Military Police will check the application and approve its start.

2. There is a two week period for the Application process to be carried out. In other words, if the votes are not reached within the two week allotted period, the applicant is deemed unsuccessful, and has to reapply in three months. However, if the votes are obtained within the two week period then the applicant is deemed successful and will be given the order to rank up

3. Upon the Clearance by the RO/MP’s you will need (+1’s or -1’s), with a reason for your vote (NO OTHER MESSAGES ARE TO BE POSTED) from existing ANZAC members (usually 5, though it varies). These votes can only be from Unit members of the rank of Pte and above and not in Reserves.

4. Once approved, you will be notified by the board or a Maj. that you've been successful and to "tag up" with Rec.<Name>.ANZAC.<Unit>

5. You will receive an invite to the ANZAC steam group and your name added to the members list - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ANZACRealismUnit

6. After one month has passed from your successful application to Join ANZAC's and completing admin training you will be automatically promoted to Pte, and considered for basic admin rights and res (reserve slot). (please be aware that this might not happen on the exact date)

7. Promotions and greater admin are achieved as you progress in the community. This process is explained elsewhere.

8. Members are encouraged to regularly use the forums (preferably twice a week) (http://www.anzacgamers.net.au) and learn the community rules. You will be given access to members sections after you reach Pte.

9. Senior Officers are those who have a rank of SGT , SSGT, WO2, WO1, CSM, RSM, Lt, Capt, Maj, LtCol, Col, Brig, Maj Gen, Lt Gen. Please do not use anyone below these ranks

10. You should not be a member of any other clan or wear other clan tags whilst in ANZAC.

For further information on applying to ANZAC's - see the Recruitment Officer's

Welcome to ANZACs!! We look forward to having you with us! Big Grin


Whilst on the ANZAC Servers you will be required to maintain the correct discipline and manners of an ANZAC Member, which shows respect for other ANZAC Members as well as Pubbers.
No C-Bombs will be tolerated (some bad language can be tolerated, but be aware of the other players, genders and ages)
No Racism, Clan Hate, Personal Attacks or Anti-Social Behaviour will be tolerated.
No Inappropriate or non G rated Sprays will be tolerated.
You MUST be fun to play with. Hacking, Exploitation of maps or repeated dominations will not be tolerated as this ruins the gaming experience for all players
Players are requested to have a Mic and also speakers as the Gaming Admin is generally administered by vocal commands.
We also require you to Read the MOTD at the beginning of all maps to ensure you know and understand the rules.
If you have an VAC or Battle-Eye Bans MAY NOT be considered for enlistment
If you have had permanent bans then this will go to a higher level for investigation and be considered on its merits

How to find your Steam ID

Go to your Steam Profile and right click. Select "Copy Page URL" from the options. Then go to this website: http://steamidfinder.com/. Then paste the copied url into the search. This will give you your Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX number of digits will vary).

1st Dods: is for people who mainly play Days of Defeat:Source.
4th Multi Gamers: If you play a wide range of different games.
NZ: is generally only for New Zealand Based or born members.
5th Gamers: similar to Multi Gamers we focus on tactical side of games including comps etc

Please Copy-Paste the following into a new thread and fill in the following form-
Quote:Steam Name: (Name shown on steam profile)

Steam ID: e.g. 0:0:XXXXXXX

Are You Over 18? Yes or no (no age required):

Unit Applying for: see above:

ANZAC Friends you have on Steam:
(please do not add just to have friends)

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