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Poll: Swap to bads_clonetowers_b12_2cap instead of bads_clonetowers_b12
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No 28.57% 2 28.57%
Orange_twin_2008 for life! 14.29% 1 14.29%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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04-03-2018, 01:05 PM
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RE: bads_clonetowers_b12_2cap
(04-03-2018 09:36 AM)LOLITA Wrote:  Yes .... I agree with removing from map voting list.

Any members with map change are still able to change to one of these orange/arena maps to get people in or if late at night and only a few on etc.

But I think we have to be clear about what the Anzacs server wants to run with
Then we need to make sure that all our members abide by that ...
No good making a decision and then someone overturning it - undermines everything.

Is it a 50/50 mix of WW2 maps and orange/funmaps?
Is it orange/funmaps put on just because some members prefer them?
Is it primarily WW2 maps that we play - leaving the others to put on when getting the server numbers up or when few are on?

I'm for the last option.
This is Day of Defeat - based on world war 2 fictional and non fictional maps with different locations and campaigns that are designed for everyone to work as a team. They're good fun and there are so many original maps out there that we've all played at one time or another - it would be great to see them on again.

Motz .. make up that list please.

Lollie, Dazz rang me this morning and we spoke about this, I will be making a list with a good mixture of maps, some big, some small and some good old 1.3 days, sorry to say there will be no orange or lime maps will be able to be nominated, they will be only able to be started by an Admin...

Also tell me if there is a map you would like to see on there..
I will be do this when I get back to Brissy, at the moment I'm to busy playing with Kalt and Donner...

Cheers Motz
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