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Ban Appeal
20-07-2018, 06:22 PM
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Ban Appeal
My friend has been banned for over a month now, he explained to me that he was banned when he teamkilled someone who kept on trying to kill him.

His username: Adr1ft

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21-07-2018, 12:51 AM
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RE: Ban Appeal

within Anzac we dont have a unban ppl should know the rules about TK's but there only 1 person who been banning any user in that game and thats one of the high rank members of Anzac's

just gone though the ban list no one by that nick in the list maybe ask for he Steam Community ID number l can look it up but at this point of time there is no leniency for stupid behaviour we try and play the game from troll free but it looks like your friends thinks it fun to troll around on the server after ppl trying to have fun Angry

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24-07-2018, 06:12 PM
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RE: Ban Appeal
I personally believe in administrating case per case and within the appropriate amount of freedom I am given to adjudicate as a server admin, perhaps I would have considered things more in context.

Ultimately I believe that the rest of the administrative body of the ANZAC Blackwake server (and all other ANZAC servers) maintain a fair and neutral hand while adjudicating these matters however you should be aware that once a ban has been determined it is almost never undone as is the policy that we as a clan retain as our rhetoric; The reason for this is because we have struck a balance between what is effective as a deterrent to repeat offenders or in-n-out trolls and also is fair to all other players as well

If your friend was fairly and clearly warned atleast once (be it a warning to the server in general or a direct address of the issue at hand directed at the individual(s) at play) then it stands that there has been an opportunity to listen and pertain to the server rules before being smitten by administrative action

In a very long and continuing period of time, the ANZAC administrative team has not forgotten to, or otherwise omitted the action of warning and individual when they are breaking the rules

I hope this clears up a little bit of how we operate (and if I have misinformed you I hope Mole or one of the senior admins will set me straight) however I can't justify unbanning your friend myself even If I had the ability or administrative consent.

I hope this communication has been beneficial - let me know if you have any questions or constructive feedback

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